The Acadian Trail connects the Portage ATV trails to the north-western side of Aroostook County via Eagle Lake! This is a huge for local businesses, tourism and huge for completing a totally 4 season recreational area for Northern Aroostook County.

Meetings are held the first Wednesday of each month at 6:30 pm at the Town Hall

Our motto has been "Let's Go, Let's Grow!" Mission accomplished.

Membership Forms: Individual Member                Business Member

Officers & Board of Directors

President   Rena Mae Belanger
Vice President   Peter Beaupre
Secretary  Rena Mae Belanger
Treasurer  Rena Mae Belanger
Board Member  Jeannie Jones
Board Member  Ken Fones
Board Member  Robert Flint

Appointed Positions

TrailMaster - Kenny Fones

TrailMaster Assitant/Trail Marshall - Jeannie Jones

Membership - vacant 

 Aroostook County ATV trail map

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